Instruments of Well-being


As a medical intuitive practitioner, Carmen has developed beyond her identification as an artist. Her and her art serve as a bridge between the mystical self and the practical person. Carmen has created healing tools for her clients through a series of paintings that represent her sixteen archetypes of wellbeing. These archetypes have a special relationship with each individual personality. The paintings allow you to step outside yourself and to see your situation with a sense of clarity and direction. They allow the viewer access to the sacred contracts that we have made with our soul on a physical, mental, emotional, and universal level. Used with guided meditation to helps to strengthen your ties to the new way of being.


Their true purpose was realized as instruments of healing shortly after her own healing process, where she channeled her guide through the paintings. We the viewers are encouraged to step inside each painting and outside our stress. The energy they provide enables us to see a sense of direction with clarity. This creates space to shift perceptions. Through the lens of the archetypes, one can perceive the self from another perspective and allow for the healing to cultivate. One does not have to be ill to receive the benefits from these paintings. Each painting is a portal to possibilities of your own evolution and the starting point of a meditative process.