The Medical Intuitive


Imagine an x-ray machine and how it sees the structures of the body. Some intuitives/healers see the body in a similar manner, rather than seeing bones, they see color in the energy centers of the body (Chakras). They are able to see where imbalances are creating disturbances in the body and can advise on which direction to take in the healing process. Not all medical intuitives work in this same manner, others feel in their body what is going on in a patient’s body, while others hear what is going on like a dictation machine. Another intuitive may have a knowing (knows without knowing why) about what is going on in the body. An intuitive may use one or more of these tools to experience the patient and form a plan for healing to take place.

An intuitive can meet with a patient in person or by phone appointment. Distance does not affect clarity from which they can see energy and stress. A typical reading gives specific medical information where appropriate, such information is meant to provide the qualified physician and/or alternative practitioner with a starting point for a medical investigation. However, a major portion of the information addresses the work and energy of the soul, which expresses itself through the physical body.


Every major organ (Endocrine System) is affected by emotions and attitudes. Beliefs are created by emotions and attitudes. Therefore, you may be encouraged to do personal process work, which is not medical in nature.


This healing process requires an examination of emotions, attitudes, and beliefs. Emotions contribute to dis-ease and weaken the immune system. Attitudes contribute to disease and illness. Beliefs contribute to serious illness and affect us physiologically and psychologically.


Once the patient’s energy surfaces, this is where the real work is done. Discovering where the origins of negatively charged emotions are, can be articulated and understood, allowing the patient to release the emotions and ask for what they want in their life. Meditation is used to help strengthen the connection that has been made through a reading to help a patient remain in balance. The goal of an intuitive session is to shift the perceptions the patient has of the self in order to allow healing to take place.