Carmen Urquiza, Ph.D.


Carmen has been a practicing medical intuitive in Oakland, California, and has clients across the country. She specializes in identifying the origin of illness and releasing emotions that block the healing process. She typically works with people in the diagnostic stages of an illness, but also with those already in a medical treatment plan. Carmen believes that we are healing beings and seeks to connect patients with their inner workings of the soul so that they may overcome obstacles and not fall into their reoccurring or chronic negative emotions.


She has done this type of soul work for many years before she received her doctorate, working with family and friends as she followed her own healing path. It began with her studies in graphic design where her ability to see flourished with creative assignments and her exploration symbols through painting. Those creative skills intersected with her intuitive abilities and eventually led her to the Ritberger Institute. Carmen’s professional experience includes fourteen years of private practice with an exclusive number of patients per year. Her training includes a Doctorate in Esoteric Philosophy and Hermetic Science, a Masters in Intuitive Diagnostics, a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Painting and Illustration. She descends from a line of healers with roots in the Tarahumara people from the mountains of Mexico.